Customer story: Meals on Wheels

For the Meals on Wheels organization in Greenville County, South Carolina, serving and improving the lives of community members is a daily practice. As the nonprofit company grew, so did the need for their services in their community. Leaders at Meals on Wheels knew they needed a comprehensive technology solution that would protect the data of the people they served. And, as more employees were onboarded and as employees began to increasingly work outside the office, team members needed a way to connect and share ideas from any location. With help from security and productivity tools from Microsoft 365 Business, Meals on Wheels completely transformed company technology solutions. And once employees were given better ways to collaborate, the organization's outreach in the community soared.

The 'Superhero Fallacy' and Other Storytelling Mistakes Marketers Make

Humans love stories. More marketers are utilizing storytelling to connect with consumers, yet they're discovering it's not as easy as it sounds. Businesses make mistakes with storytelling, and in this article Matthew Luhn, a story-branding consultant and writer of storytelling in the business world, shares his insight with author Kimberly A. Whitler. Luhn says one example of a common error is when companies make a statement rather than tell a story. They write, "We have a great story," but then fail to tell the story. "Having a story," says Luhn, "isn't the same as saying that you are telling a story." Read The 'Superhero Fallacy' and Other Storytelling Mistakes Marketers Make" to learn about other common faux pas marketers make when using stories to connect with customers.

Stay Connected with Teams

This video highlights how Teams helps people stay connected—even while social distancing. It briefly and visually covers a variety of Microsoft Teams features, showing you how to communicate and collaborate easily. Watch this short video to see how you can empower your team.

Customer Story: St. Lucie Public Schools

Managing 40,000 students can be challenging, especially when students come from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and have varying access to support outside of school. St. Lucie Public Schools, in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, is changing the narrative for their students by closely monitoring every student's progress to ensure that adequate support and educational opportunities are available to everyone. Check out this video to learn how one school district is empowering its students to succeed in school and the world beyond.

Early look at Microsoft Threat Protection

University IT teams have the huge task of monitoring and responding to threats across multiple vectors, including emails, academic resources, and internal networks. This video explores the various components of Microsoft Threat Protection, which helps IT teams more effectively track and respond to attacks on their organizations.

Customer Story: New South Wales - Scaling STEM education in one of the world's largest school jurisdictions

Managing 800,000 students in over 2,200 schools is a challenge in itself. The district of New South Wales has gone even further, tackling the challenge of preparing students for the job market of the future by integrating STEM technologies in their curriculum. Check out this video to learn how the second largest school district in the world is able to manage over 360,000 devices, while improving both teacher and student experience.

Customer Story: Think Up Consulting Overview

When Think Up Consulting, a brand strategy and change management firm, introduced Microsoft Teams, it was a big shift for the organization from a collaboration standpoint. They brought file sharing, team chat and project management together using Teams as the main hub for each project. With Teams, Think Up is creating a central hub, and with Office 365, they have a complete unified solution. By adopting Windows 10 and Office 365, Think Up customers have the reassurance and confidence of security. We can help you do the same. Contact us to learn more.